DAFLAB SOLUTION (002994155-V) is a Bumiputera SME company primarily focusing on health and beauty products. Established in early 2019, this company has since been enthusiastically livening up the online business field or E-Biz, equipped with endless passion and ever fluid knowledge of the industry. DAFLAB SOLUTION have collaborated with raw material experts in skincare, health and cosmetics, where the experts have conducted in-depth research and development (R&D) and boasts a 12-year experience in biotechnology under their belt.   

DAFLAB SOLUTION’s raw material providers are also 100% Bumiputera owned with halal and Muslim product status, in addition to GMP, MeSTI and KKM certified. The core DAFLAB SOLUTION product is problematic skin skincare set, formulated to address skins with acne, scar, dull and similar woes. The company’s line of products comprises of these categories: face cleanser, serum, derma roller, electric facial deep cleansing and antibacterial wash, to name a few. The products are conveniently presented in packs and functions as a at home intensive care set that saves your time from having to visit the spa just to get your skin treated, conditioned and cleansed.