Agent Registration Form


The terms and conditions for the sale of Daflab Skincare products issued by Daflab Solution are as follows. You are advised to read each of the following terms carefully.


Applicants must completely fill in the form provided by the HQ with all required details.


2.1 Agents are fully accountable to brief customers or the audience about the Company’s operation and its issued products at their respective distribution areas according to the guidelines set by the Company.

2.2 Agents are prohibited from using logo, name and copyright or the Company’s intellectual property without written consent from the Company.

2.3 The Agent shall maintain a respectable image of himself and the Company from time to time.

2.4 The Agent must communicate all manner of general complaints about the Company’s related products and services directly to the Company.

2.5 All Agents must show a good business performance within one (1) month to maintain their status as Agent.

2.6 For any intended promotion, the agent must submit a written letter along with the promotion proposal to the Company and obtain a written approval from the Company before proceeding.


3.1 It is the Company’s responsibility to explain the Company’s operations and products to the Agent in accordance with established guidelines.

3.2 The Company will assist the Agent in marketing the product by ensuring all marketing necessities of the Agent are fully provided.

3.3 The Company will ensure ongoing product marketing and branding campaigns for Daflab Skincare from time to time to raise consumer awareness of the Daflab Skincare brand’s presence.

3.4 Monitoring the market prices of products falls under the Company’s responsibility.